Born in Singapore, raised in the US and Switzerland, Flo worked on film sets across Europe before graduating in film from the Zurich University of Arts and further film studies at NYU’s MFA film program. His short films were among other things nominated by the German Film Academy for Best Narrative Short and went on to play at festivals worldwide, including Clermont-Ferrand, Oberhausen and CamerImage and could be further seen on Canal+, Short of the Week and more.

Head of the German television channel ZDF - who produced early work from Jarmusch and Wenders - to BETWEEN: 
“An oppressive study told quietly, precisely, atmospherically dense, with haunting, sometimes even metaphorical images.“ 


Kentucker Audley from NoBudge to COPRUS: 

"A stunning achievement, all the more incredible for the fact it was made by a student as a thesis project."  


Mamoru Oshii, acclaimed director of Ghost in the Shell to SOUSAPHONE: 

"An excellent measure of life's late years."